IT Solutions
for Your Industry


We understand the need for course management moudules and provide solutions for implementing robust solutions to manage online courses, presentation media and blending learning. We also offer solutions to solve tech inventory, management of endpoints and provide software and computer training to teachers and students. 

Small Business

We understand the needs of maximizing hardware efficiency for optimal uptime. We are also sensitive to the budgets due to rising costs in technology. We provide IT consulting and managed service packages customized to the needs of small businesses. 

Private Practice

Data protection and security are a high priority item for private practices. For one instance of a breach there can be fatal consequences for a business. I.T's 4 Me not only consults on the security levels of data protection but we offer customized packages to ensure that your network is secure and your data has the maximum levels of security.


Assist nonprofits remain competitive technologically. We connect their platforms to ensure the mission is communicated and donations can be made in real time. We also procure new equipment and provide training on such as well. Finally we offer technical loss on services such as communicating with your Internet providers to ensure your network is running optimally. 

Chilcare Facilites

We optimize the operational efficiency day routine by implementing form digitization, improved parent communication through software, and training and immunization trackers to keep owners in compliance and up to date.