Taylor J. Ford

Chief Executive Officer (pictured)

Taylor, CEO/Founder, is a graduate of Syracuse University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Chemistry. Her technology background started with a team effort to build a computer workstation at the age of 10. During her college years she formed a business adding applications and software updates to the iPods and laptops of NFL players. After graduating, Taylor became an IT Project Manager at Weavertown Environmental Group. In her first year, she saved the company $100,000 with a cell phone provider switch and an upgrade to their phone and Wi-Fi systems. During the following year, she saved the company another $50,000 through a printer consolidation and an IT provider switch. Taylor is pursuing a dual master’s degree in business administration and information systems at the University of Pittsburgh.


Tyrone G. Smith, CISSP

Chief Technology Officer

Recently named the Chief Technology Officer, Tyrone's vast career in IT spans 20+ years. Tyrone has held key decision making positions with major companies such as Hewlett Packard, US Steel, and FedEx that have afforded him the opportunity to develop across-the- board knowledge in the cross sections of those industries. Tyrone has a broad knowledge base which encompasses a wide spectrum of understanding of the Information Technology world and the requirements therein. His leadership style demonstrates an appreciation of the entire team and the synergies required to make a successful enterprise.

Leslie L. Smith

Marketing Director

Leslie is  an IT professional with a focus on digital marketing. Spanning the broad spectrum that today's marketing environment entails has exposed her to developing challenging solutions for a wide array of customers. Leslie develops effective, cohesive campaigns which capitalize on various mediums of internet marketing including SEO, analytics, email marketing and content writing while maintaining a cost effective approach. Leslie’s expertise lies in brand identity and custom website design with tentacle’s reaching into the arena of social media. Currently, Leslie is pursuing certification in Google Analytics.