Taylor J. Ford

Chief Executive Officer (pictured)

I built my first computer at the age of 10 which led to my first business. An entrepreneur from the beginning, I sold IT services to friends and family members doing jobs like installing music to iPods and organizing files on computers. I attended Syracuse University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, minoring in chemistry in 2014.  When chemical engineering yielded no viable job opportunities, I decided to return to my first love, technology! Right from the beginning, I observed common IT industry practices that did not benefit the client. Eventually, I decided to start my own business to be the antithesis of what this industry can be. Voila, IT’s 4 Me LLC was born in 2018. My philosophy is to provide information, not just fix. IT is a tool that is designed to work for you, we want to show you how!

Leslie L. Smith

Training Curator &
Digital Marketing Director

As is the case in many small businesses, I wear two hats for IT's 4 Me. As Training Curator, I am responsible for designing and overseeing the technology training program to educate the community on how to best utilize mainstream technology. As Digital Marketing Director, I develop effective and cohesive online marketing campaigns that span the digital media spectrum including websites, social media, SEO, analytics, email marketing, and content writing. I am skilled in curriculum development and project management, as well as, creative technology. My philosophy is to utilize my talent and skill to uplift the community and support the advancement of its members.