Taylor J. Ford

Chief Executive Officer (pictured)

I built my first computer at the age of 10 which led to my first business. An entrepreneur from the beginning, I sold IT services to friends and family members doing jobs like installing music to iPods and organizing files on computers. I quickly became the IT guru of the family and lived in that glorious space until college. I attended Syracuse University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, minoring in chemistry in 2014.  When chemical engineering yielded no viable job opportunities, I sought positions in chemistry. Unfortunately, worthy positions in chemistry proved to be elusive as well. That’s when I decided to return to my first love, technology! I started my professional technology adventure as a third-party vendor. Right from the beginning I observed common IT industry practices that did not benefit the client. Eventually, I decided to start my own business to be the antithesis of what this industry can be. Voila, IT’s 4 Me LLC was born in 2018. My philosophy is to provide information, not just fix. I want to dispel the idea that IT is confusing and difficult, it isn’t. IT is a tool that is designed to work for you, we want to show you how!

Tyrone G. Smith, CISSP

Chief Technology Officer

 Tyrone's vast career in IT spans 20+ years. He has held key decision making positions with major companies such as Hewlett Packard, US Steel, and FedEx that have afforded him the opportunity to develop across-the- board knowledge in the cross sections of those industries. Tyrone has a broad knowledge base which encompasses a wide spectrum of understanding of the Information Technology world and the requirements therein. His leadership style demonstrates an appreciation of the entire team and the synergies required to make a successful enterprise.

Leslie L. Smith

Marketing Director

Leslie is  an IT professional with a focus on digital marketing. Spanning the broad spectrum that today's marketing environment entails has exposed her to developing challenging solutions for a wide array of customers. Leslie develops effective, cohesive campaigns which capitalize on various mediums of internet marketing including SEO, analytics, email marketing and content writing while maintaining a cost effective approach. Leslie’s expertise lies in brand identity and custom website design with tentacle’s reaching into the arena of social media.